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    protänk guild application tank


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    protänk guild application tank Empty protänk guild application tank

    Post  protank on Sun Aug 15, 2010 4:59 pm

    Both your specs (Main spec first):protection OS: fury
    Armory Link:
    Occupation:nothing really just at home having a fun time Smile

    Any alts?(Be detailed here, your alt(s) could come in handy): no alts

    Experience- Tell us what you have achieved at level 60,70 and most importantly 80 (Note doing a 60 or 70 raid instance at 80 to get an achievement doesn't count!- Be detailed so we can see what fights you have attempted): i have experianced all raids except icc25/10hc

    Previous guilds and reasons for leaving:had a break for about 6months and joined SYA

    How good is your connection?(FPS, how many times do you DC in the evening etc etc): have very good connection never dc unless something goes very wrong.

    What addons do you use to raid and if you could pick two which would be the most important to you?: DBM and Omen

    Whats the worst moment on WoW you've had?: when i got hacked (but i got my stuff back)

    Tell us how you would feel if we told you this (Answer with how willing you would be to do the things below.)
    We asked you to respec: yep
    We asked you to bring your alt for an encounter to benefit the raid: dont have a alt :O
    We asked you to step out of a couple of encounters to get in another player to suit the raid better:yeh sure if there better i dont need to come Smile
    We asked you to use your offspec for this encounter: yeh sure im a good fury warrior Smile

    How active are you?(When can you not raid?): well prefer to raid on weekends but can raid till weekdays till about 23:00 and all night frid sat and sund

    Why should we pick you over a player with the same experience and gear(Wow us, tell us that you know how to play your character)?. well i think im very experianced as a warrior tank and i have good gear.

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    Post  Rossatron on Sun Aug 15, 2010 11:57 pm

    24 stam gem in exalted ring, seeing as its the best ring you'll get I would expect that it would have an epic gem in it. Noticed a few 'cheap' options when it comes to enchants, sort it out then we'll get back to you.

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    Post  Ròb on Mon Aug 16, 2010 1:30 am

    Hi there. Atm we have 4 very very good tankings fighting for a position in our 25man so we'll have to decline you here. In addition you need to put more effort into an application, I sense a "Cba with this". For this you are not receiving a trial. Good luck finding a guild that suits you.

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