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    DK tank/dps Application


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    DK tank/dps Application

    Post  Tharanel on Thu Sep 16, 2010 12:29 am

    Name: Chris
    Class: Death Knight
    Both your specs (Main spec first): Tank - Frost DPS
    Armory Link:
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Nationality/Language: Denmark - Danish / English / German, and a little french :-)
    Occupation: Guitarist in a band :-)

    Any alts?(Be detailed here, your alt(s) could come in handy): Disc priest, Holy paladin, Prot Warrior, Enhancement Shaman, Assassination Rogue.

    Experience- Tell us what you have achieved at level 60,70 and most importantly 80 (Note doing a 60 or 70 raid instance at 80 to get an achievement doesn't count!- Be detailed so we can see what fights you have attempted): 11/12 ICC 10 HC, 12/12 ICC 25 man LK is only experienced, tho not killed

    Previous guilds and reasons for leaving: eXperience, i had real life stuff to do on a raid evening so i declined and i was kicked during my offline time

    How good is your connection?(FPS, how many times do you DC in the evening etc etc): Wired, and good :-)

    What addons do you use to raid and if you could pick two which would be the most important to you?: DBM,(Used AVR), and then rest is UI changing addons and Perfect raid

    Whats the worst moment on WoW you've had?: When i was hacked (every addicts worst nightmare)

    Tell us how you would feel if we told you this (Answer with how willing you would be to do the things below.)
    We asked you to respec: Would do it ASAP
    We asked you to bring your alt for an encounter to benefit the raid: I would do what benefitted the raid, the most
    We asked you to step out of a couple of encounters to get in another player to suit the raid better: I would step out and take a smoke :-)
    We asked you to use your offspec for this encounter: I'd love to :-)

    How active are you?(When can you not raid?): I will be on every raid eve, unless that i got something really important going on

    What rotation do you use?: well hard saying, i vary from boss to boss

    How did you hear about Defection?: in Trade :-D

    Do you know anyone in Defection?: i'm afraid i don't

    Why should we pick you over a player with the same experience and gear(Wow us, tell us that you know how to play your character)?. Because i'm the man, i can play my class, i know my Theorycrafting and i'm one heck of a nice guy :-)

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    Re: DK tank/dps Application

    Post  Currysauce on Thu Sep 16, 2010 6:02 pm

    Hey. I see you say in your application you have done 11/12 heroic 10man but i dont see the achievements?


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    Re: DK tank/dps Application

    Post  Tharanel on Thu Sep 16, 2010 7:43 pm

    I have to correct myself and say that i have attempted 11/12

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    Re: DK tank/dps Application

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