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    A MUST need enchant.


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    A MUST need enchant. Empty A MUST need enchant.

    Post  Ròb on Sat Jul 17, 2010 9:34 pm

    Ok, so with my past experience I have noticed that there is one enchant which can be used for every class and is needed (in my opinion) for raiding. This is Tuskarr's Vitality. A lot of encounter's require players to move, and having a minor speed improvement can make the difference these days! E.g. for fights like Lich King, if you have Tuskarr's and you have defile, the enchant can prove to be a wipesaver Smile. In addition to Tuskarr's Vitality, if your a dps you can get a similar one which gives 6 agility instead of 15stamina. However, if your a class such as a mage who can blink or a DK with unholy aura then you won't need this enchant as much Smile. In addition, I urge you to get this enchant and don't meta minor speed because the minor speed meta's suck Smile
    If we could have most people with Tuskarr's by our next 25man it would greatly improve our chances of survivability Smile



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