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    Tips on how to make a good application.


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    Tips on how to make a good application. Empty Tips on how to make a good application.

    Post  Rossatron on Tue Jul 20, 2010 11:51 pm

    Tips and Tricks for writing a great application:

    Take your time to write an application in which you include every bit of info we would like to know about you.

    Read the Questions thoroughly before you answer them - Read through other applications or the example application if you have a doubt. Understanding and writing proper English is a major element of the application process (and in fact many people from the UK are having more trouble with this than other EU countrymen).

    There are no wrong answers: We're looking for exceptional, experienced people, with an open mind and a personality of their own. Open questions are there to show us your motivations and mindset, so use those opportunities! Expand your application beyond the regular loot whore drones' applications we receive!

    Try to include all necessary information, including the bad stuff. We've all wiped at some point, gotten kicked from a group or even a guild... shit happens. Tell us about it, and what you learned from it. We do fact check applications, even weeks after they've been accepted, so don't lie

    Make it shine: Write it, save it then wait til the next day. Read it over, edit it, spell check it, expand it, recheck it, and maybe finally submit it or start over. Show us that you care about applying to our guild, and that you have a brain. An application is where you show not only your history and character, but also your interest and effort to join us. Have fun with it, too, make it an enjoyable read

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