Defection are a raiding guild on the EU server of Aszune. We are alway's striving to improve our current standing on the server and most importantly, keep our member's happy.



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    So in your application I'd advise you to copy and paste this text and answer the question's in your application .

    Your main character and you!
    Both your specs (Main spec first):
    Armory Link:

    Any alts?(Be detailed here, your alt(s) could come in handy):

    Experience- Tell us what you have achieved at level 60,70 and most importantly 80 (Note doing a 60 or 70 raid instance at 80 to get an achievement doesn't count!- Be detailed so we can see what fights you have attempted):

    Previous guilds and reasons for leaving:

    How good is your connection?(FPS, how many times do you DC in the evening etc etc):

    What addons do you use to raid and if you could pick two which would be the most important to you?:

    Whats the worst moment on WoW you've had?:

    Tell us how you would feel if we told you this (Answer with how willing you would be to do the things below.)
    We asked you to respec:
    We asked you to bring your alt for an encounter to benefit the raid:
    We asked you to step out of a couple of encounters to get in another player to suit the raid better:
    We asked you to use your offspec for this encounter:

    How active are you?(When can you not raid?):

    What rotation do you use?:

    How did you hear about Defection?:

    Do you know anyone in Defection?:

    Why should we pick you over a player with the same experience and gear(Wow us, tell us that you know how to play your character)?.

    APPLICATION FORM. 3574124RkWsg

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