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    Post  flashburn111 on Wed Dec 08, 2010 3:58 pm

    Today is finally the day. With World of Warcraft: Cataclysm releasing December 7 worldwide, the guide frenzy is on!

    Everyone is scrambling to decide which guide to get to be ready to level as fast as possible when Cataclysm releases. You just can't go wrong - Zygor just released his full 1-85 Leveling guides for Cataclysm.

    Click here!

    They've really gone the extra mile for Cataclysm, in the guide department. Their 1-85 guides they just released include...

    * Four Level 1-60 Guides:
    Eastern Kingdom 1-60 and Kalimdor 1-60 for both Alliance and Horde.
    This is a huge change in their guides, up from only two 1-60 guides
    total: one for Horde, one for Alliance. Now both Horde and Alliance
    get two 1-60 guides each!

    * Goblin Zone Guide:
    A guide that covers the entire new Goblin zone added in Cataclysm.

    * Worgen Zone Guide:
    A guide that covers the entire new Worgen zone added in Cataclysm.

    * Level 80-85 Guide:
    Five new zones added in Cataclysm for level 80-85 leveling. Zygor
    has you covered on day one.

    Click here!

    On top of that, Zygor is giving away 2 cool bonus guides for the first 3,000 people who purchase any of their guides starting today.

    Limited Time Bonus Guides:
    * Archaeology Profession Guide - Covers an overview of how the
    profession works, the benefits of using the profession, and the
    different ways to use Archaeology to enhance your World of Warcraft
    gaming experience.

    * Guild Leveling Guide - Covers an overview of how the new guild
    system works, how to level your guild, and the perks that each guild
    level gives to all the members of the guild.

    If things go anything like they've gone in the past, these bonus
    guides will not last long at all. So if you want get your hands on
    the bonus guides, don't waste any more time, buy now because they
    will more than likely be gone very soon.

    It's hard to beat their level of commitment to their customers and
    products. Combine all that listed above with the hands down best
    customer service in the industry, and you've got a clear winner for
    which guide you should use to conquer Cataclysm.

    Click here!

    So go pick up your copy at the link above and shoot me a reply telling me what you think of the guides once you pick up your copy.

    Good luck and have fun in Cataclysm!

    Talk soon.

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