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    Leaver or not leaver....


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    Leaver or not leaver.... Empty Leaver or not leaver....

    Post  Arsheann on Thu Oct 07, 2010 1:00 am

    Oki,i see lot of players leave..and thay "will" be back in Cata or what ever...So be a fer to those who stay and post than u gona leave or u gona be back or AFK or u dnt like this guild or what ever...this is for old raiders expecial. U just leave without word...Maybe some of as wona do some 10mans so we can know on how to count.

    That from staying with my man Phatoe so u can go to Hell all Smile Is me and u man against world Razz
    Any1 wona join as???

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    Leaver or not leaver.... Empty The Leaver

    Post  Xained on Fri Oct 08, 2010 5:35 pm

    Hey Arsh Smile... i am sorry to tell you that i have leave you for this Expansion. I got to focus on WotLK the last two months, and Alt / Res run aint satisfying for me. So i also did the so called "whine" / bad excuse and said i will leave for untill Cataclysm, due no raiding or no potentiallity for that i will down LK With our Alt / Res run i am sorry Sad When Cataclysm starts i would like to rejoin you if you still or need me. With that said i would like to keep my little pride (My newly dinged dearly !Gnome! Warlock Geraz) in the guild, just to be in contact with you guyz and make sure you dont kill me too bad next time i see you Razz

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