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    Death knight dps application.


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    Death knight dps application. Empty Death knight dps application.

    Post  roxx on Mon Sep 20, 2010 10:30 pm

    Your main character and you!
    Name: Róxx
    Class:Death knight
    Both your specs (Main spec first): Unholy dps main, frost dps os
    Armory Link:
    Age: 16
    Nationality/Language: Sweden, swedish, english, german.
    Occupation: Studing in school Sad

    Any alts?(Be detailed here, your alt(s) could come in handy):
    No 80's at this server. got a 80 warrior on draenor but he aint good. got a 24 shaman that i will leveling up in Cataclysm. (adilon)

    Experience- Tell us what you have achieved at level 60,70 and most importantly 80 (Note doing a 60 or 70 raid instance at 80 to get an achievement doesn't count!- Be detailed so we can see what fights you have attempted): started to play when ulduar came out. levled my warrior and then created my death knight. And now i got on my death knight 12/12 icc10, 10/12 icc25, and 4 first, rot+fester, blood queen, and dreamwalker in icc10 hc and nu icc 25 man hc.

    Previous guilds and reasons for leaving:Joined Elite Soldiers as my first really serious raidng guild. Got nearly all my icc10 man achivements there. Leaved it becouse of i needed icc25 man gear and experience. Then I joined Vitiated and they do raid icc25 but they had to pug more than half raid.

    How good is your connection?(FPS, how many times do you DC in the evening etc etc): minimum 20fps in raids, i have nerver disconected as far as i remeber.

    What addons do you use to raid and if you could pick two which would be the most important to you?: DBM and Omen.

    Whats the worst moment on WoW you've had?: Hmm.... I think i looted the chest at Gunship when a guy didnt make it to jump over to our boat and e didn't get any badges ^^

    Tell us how you would feel if we told you this (Answer with how willing you would be to do the things below.)
    We asked you to respec: Yeah ure just need to get gear depends on wich talents.
    We asked you to bring your alt for an encounter to benefit the raid: Yes ofcourse i would do that if my alt would be at 80:)
    We asked you to step out of a couple of encounters to get in another player to suit the raid better: yeah sure:) but then i want a a attempt another day Smile
    We asked you to use your offspec for this encounter: OS/MS doesn't really matter for me, both are fun Smile

    How active are you?(When can you not raid?): can raid at mondays, Wednessday, friday, saturday. maybe sundays.

    What rotation do you use?: Frost prio rotation. keeping diseaes up and using obilirate and when i get freezing fog: Howling blast and then i want to time in Killermachine for so extra crit damage. in unholy i keep diseases up and do 2x blood strike, 1x plauge strike until i get 60 runic power then i use ebon gargoyle and then Empowered rune weapons then i restart with 2 blood strike, 1 plauge strike, 2 death coil then plauge strike and then repeat.

    How did you hear about Defection?: Saw then recruiting players and have done some Pug raids when some Defection members was in.

    Do you know anyone in Defection?: Not at moment Smile

    Why should we pick you over a player with the same experience and gear(Wow us, tell us that you know how to play your character)? have been class leader in my previous guild and know mostly everything about my class. Reading tacts before the raids if i'm unsure about something. Good patient with wipes and got a brain. Very active on my death knight. Gladly to help peoples and sharing my experience.

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    Death knight dps application. Empty Re: Death knight dps application.

    Post  Currysauce on Tue Sep 21, 2010 12:36 am

    Hi there,
    Your gear and experience looks fine. And currently are recruiting a dk dps so i'd like to offer you a trial, But first 1 question , In your application you said what days you can make. Can you make tuesdays as it is our 25man continuation days. Please get back to me in-game or via reply on website


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    Death knight dps application. Empty ICC continue raid.

    Post  roxx on Tue Sep 21, 2010 10:04 am

    Hey Currysauce.

    Don't sure if i can get there. Depends on what time and so on. got a pretty tough weekend and the most possible days i can raid this week is saturday or sunday this week. And i'm saved for both Icc10 and 25man.

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    Death knight dps application. Empty Re: Death knight dps application.

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